Sunday, January 17, 2010

January 17, 2010 -told one of my neighbors about me being transgendered

told one of my neighbors about me being transgendered another first . this time a biggie! yesterday i told one of my neighbors about being transgendered. 
it went something like this:

neighbor :  so whats up with the ear piercings?

me: i just wanted to do it!

neighbor: just looks questioningly at me

me: that and.... another reason .... but maybe it is to much info for you
( i already have been told this summer that he found out a former roommate transitioned so i thought he might have known about diana especially since he is in the physiology field!) but if you don't mind i am non transitioning transgendered.

neighbor: *blink blink*  really?
i kind of wondered with the nice nails though.
but as i told you a former room mate-tenant contacted me who had transitioned, and i never suspected.
anyway i have no problem with it. but wow.

me: please don't discuss this with the rest of the neighbors at this point.
would you like to seee some photos of me. *showed the photo from the glbt-dignity 35 anniversary mass*

neighbor: Wow quite a different look from the male self. but very nice! very professional!

anyway it went much better with this neighbor than i thought! although i am guessing that the rest of the neighborhood allready suspects. anyway fir the sake of my dad i am still trying to keep a low profile about this.
meanwhile this month i have managed to dress and go out as diana 14 times already! yeaaaa!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jan. 6,2010 - Big news i finally got my ears pierced! - jan 6th, 2010

big news i finally got my ears pierced ! whoo hoo! i finally took the plunge and got my ears pierced!

i took the advice of so many of the girls and gg's i know and went to Clairs in the bridgewater, NJ mall.
the sales clerk had been  very friendly to me last week when i went there  as my other self. she was very knowledgeable in that she told me she had had everything pierced. so she had first hand knowledge. she was very patient with all my questions. and even sold me a set of magnetic earrings. which look great but become an annoyance when you drop one as it doesn't always end up where you dropped due to the magnet. usually you find it later attached to some mettle object usually in the car.
so when i went in this week as diana ( i had showed her photos of diana last week) she was pleasantly surprised that i was still thinking of getting my ears pierced. we talked some more of the different  styles available for the piercing. i chose a set that would't be as noticeable in color. ( as a half way measure to my other selfs' stogy immage LOL)
a birthstone from i think nov. kind of a yellowish-pinkish stone. in a small 3mm size.
as soon as she was done i looked in the mirror and i immediately looved the look!  

believe it or not i went from there to a womans swim apparel shop feeling verry gg! and on my way out of the mall i admired a gg's plad skirt and we stood their chatting like to girlfriends about how due to the weather this year everyone was wearing opique tights along with boots but she mentioned that she was finally getting adjusted to the 23 degree weather and had gone back to a shorter coat. the interesting thing was that she looked somewhat like a slightly smaller/shorter version of me!
to say i felt giddy would be an understatement.

hugs to all

Friday, January 1, 2010

january 1, 2010 - happy new year! and the year in retrospect.

Happy New Year and the year in retrospect i want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! in looking back over this year my goal had been to increase the time going out dressed as Diana from 5 days a month (61 days for the year which was up from 4 days a month last year), to double that time (8 days per month = a quarter of the time ). well, i surpassed that by getting out as diana 12-13 days a month or 1/3rd to almost half the time dressed as diana. this included going to the beach several times. that doesn't include sleeping as diana in pretty satin nightgowns which has been about 99.9% of the time. heck i even managed to sing keroeky at georgies in asbury as diana this year. i even got to meet one of the new england girls for coffee. Suzanne is even a prettier dresser than me. this was a first as i had wanted to meet some of the ladies i have corresponded with. it's ironic in that although i have said that i am not transitioning, i am feeling the need to dress more and more as diana. but then again i think they entire world is still constantly evolving whether it wants to admit it or not. hugs to all Diana