Friday, April 20, 2007

april.20, 2007

I must tell everyone about a wounderfull product for putting on panty hose with out snags. This is a pair of gloves for putting on hosery. they are lace trimmed. (I used to use lots of hand cream just before putting on hosery now i only use a normal amount)
They are available from the Victorian Trading Co. 1 800 800 6647 the product number is #7987 the cost is 9.95. They even are lace trimmed in a fine mesh. The index fingure and thumb are independent but the other 3 fingers are in a mit like design.
For those of us who like satin and lace victorian like items this company has many wounderfull items (most of which I can't afford). I love wearing hosery but grited my teath for fear of snags. This makes putting on hosery a snap!

Today is the first warm day here in new jersey (very strange for new jersey to be this cool in late april) so i hope to be able to dress and go shopping.

Sunday, April 8, 2007