Saturday, November 1, 2014

Building the garden rail road "the Frog Hallow and Bird point Rail Road" sept - oct. 2014

 in sept due to the fact that i had to stay close to my dad after he broke his shoulder this past summer while grazing for cookies in the kitchen... i decided to actually start building a G scale garden rail road.
i had bought a starter set from a friends garage sale. it had a small engine, several extra cars, a power pack and a lot of track which was designed to be used ether indoor or out door.
so labor day i started ripping out the excess ivy near the waterfall pond dad built many years ago.
first i had to level the ground this took 10 wheelbarrow loads of dirt which my neighbor supplied when a tree fell several years ago leaving a pile of dirt he was getting rid of. next he used his pick up truck to get 3/4 of a ton of gravel dust for the ballast. this meant offloading another 12 wheelbarrows of gravel dust 100 feet out to the pond area. then there was the removing of two 8" tree roots and of course there ose one at each end of where i wanted to place the track LOL. lucky we had a warm fall because one night after dinner using my neighbors contractors light i kept working till the sun came up LOL! after much hard work the rail road was up and running.

i called it the "Frog Hallow and Bird Point Rail Road" because it starts near the pond where we have dwarf and frog statues and goes  30' up to the bird bath via a dog leg near the old fire pit.

the blue dwarf cottage on the right dad built quite awhile ago for the pond from a small artists picture in an advertisement in a magazine

as one can see i have acquired 2 more engines a Forney with sound and a Mogul.

Dad did get to see the trains running in late Oct.