Monday, December 31, 2012

happy new year dec. 31 2012

i wanted to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year!

also i wanted to show  off my new tunic sweater that santa brought me!

paired off with a pair of black leggins , a pair of sketchers (ugg like) boots and my last years gift of a new quilted black mid length jacket i was nice and toasty warm while during a couple of errands this afternoon.
i am not really as tall as i look here as i am only 5'6-1/2" tall but the camera angle with a small tripod on a table makes me look like the jolly green giant. LOL
we have been lucky to have only received a 1-4" amount of snow which has started to melt in spite of  the temp  being in the low 30's.

it seems strange to still see piles of branches and leaves on the local streets due to the fact that most towns locally have run out of places to take the stuff since the storm back in oct. we were blessed in being able to remain in the house in spite of the tree that had landed on it in the storm. when it was removed there was only min. damage to the shingles which will require a replacing of the shingles in the near future. not all of our neighbors were so lucky. so i guess it is a good way ti end the year.
once again to all out there a happy new year !
hugs diana

Sunday, November 18, 2012

THE STORM! and it's aftermath! oct 29th-nov. 6th 2012

oh my oh my where to start! somehow we survived the great huricane sandy.
at 4pm  oct 29th the OAK tree in front of my house fell on my house thereby blocking the use of the front door! i had been upstairs at the time ironicly enough in the upstairs bathroom under where the tree fell.

it only sounded like a very large branch falling. my dad calls upstairs and says i " i think a branch fell out front" so i ran downstairs and said " that's not a branch it's a TREE" now my heart is racing as i scurried upstairs again to check for internal damage. which thankfully i didn't find.

next i went outside, after calling the police to put me in touch with the public works crew since it was a township owned tree, to check for any external damage. which aside from the front canopy and gutter seemed appeared ok.
now mind you this tree fell only a foot or 2 from the lamp post that i had just gone out at 2:30pm to re-right the lamp itself since the wind had pulled the lamp out of the mount on the post. boy was i lucky to have not been out there when the tree came down!

at about 8:45 pm the power went off and the wind REALLY picked up to about 80MPH gusts. and for the next 3 hours till 11:30 pm i tensed up every time i heard the wind. i was never so scared as during these 3 hours with the 80MPH winds whistling or rather screaming. esspecially since i allready had a tree on the house and now i was in the dark with only our kerosene lamps and my dad who has slowed down a whole lot at 87. we were lucky in that we have a gas oven and stove so that i pushed myself into making us some comfort food that of mac and cheese. which i could hardly eat since i was sooooo worried..

lucky i had just bought a new hi density foam mattress for the sofa bed which dad has decided to use over the last year not allowing me to get or set up his bed in the family room (tv and music room in our cape cod style home) and since it is next to the downstairs bath room it has been easier for him. sooo i ended up sleeping with him so that i could via a flash light guide him to the bathroom during the night. i had rigged up a small car work light plugged into a small rechargeable air compressor with a cigarette lighter power connection which i wanted to conserve the charge as long as possible hence i needed to guide him to turn it off and on. needless to say i didn't sleep well and it was a verrry long night. after midnight the winds dropped of a bit to about 60mph but i was still scarred till daybrake.

the next day on tue i called my aunt 17 miles west of me ( she is 2 years older that her brother - my dad but acts more like a young 60 yr old) to see if she had electricity or not. when her home phone wouldn't connect i contacted her on her cell phone. by this time i knew she didn't have power. we discussed her coming to stay with us since she didn't have a way to ignite her oven and is in a long ranch house. she hesitated and when i got off the phone i told dad to stay put and not wander around  and i got on rt 22 west to go check on her. with out electricity i couldn't just use the traffic light to cross the highway so after using one of only 4 overpasses with in that 17 mile stretch to enter the highway i realized the extent of the storms damage. for the next 17 miles there were no working traffic lights and really no way to turn around and go home due to the fact the next overpass 3 miles away was a gridlock of cars. when i got to the 3rd overpass the traffic came to a stop and go situation and after awhile when i changed to the fast lane i realized i had inadvertently been in a 2 mile long gas line! when i arrived at my aunts ( she doesn't have children)  she had started to pack but had planned upon coming on wed. and i said "get your stuff and come now before it gets dark". again to re-enter the highway east bound ment using the 4th overpass at the bridgewater mall. first we switched to rt 28 only to find it difficult due to it's single lane's blocked by the gas lines. so we cut back to rt 22 and sailed home arriving just before dark. everywhere one went or looked there were downed trees and power lines.
for the next week that is the tue of election day our days were spent forging for ice and food.
on thur my neighbor offered if i went along to go on an ice run over toward garwood nj about 7 miles east of us where they seemed to escape damage along the railroad tracks. although we couldn't find ice at pathmark i came up with a brainstorm to ask at the mcdonalds if we could get some ice at their soda refill machine. they kindly agreed and we headed home.
what i forgot to mention is that upon entering pathmark we stood there sort of stunned as if we were from a impoverished 3rd world country where we never get to see an abundance of food. and remember it had only been 3 days since the storm!
also upon entering mc donalds we just looked at each other with the same look as the food store as we inhaled the smell of the fast food fries which never smelled so good as at that moment! LOL

the next several days went pretty much the same accept i kept longing the hear the town tree service's chain saws but due to the devastation priority's had to be set to open up the roads to get the rescue vech. access open and the ele trucks in to get power up at the refinery pumping stations so that the hospitals could refual their generators for the critical care patients.  so we awaited the sound of chain saws each morning till about noon only to realize we would have to wait another long night. unfortunately sunlight was somewhat limited in the front of the house due to the tree's branches and foliage blocking the view.
by friday the tree crew arrived and i did a happy dance in front of the parked truck. the crew said that some people were grumpy since it had taken a couple of days for them to arrive. but i practically hugged them.

they trimmed branches while they awaited their crane to arrive and removed the tree from the house. we were blessed in that i only saw shingle damage from the outside. ( along with the canapy and gutter damage)

during this time  our local police dept. was running on generator for over a week as did my aunts town police dept as well.

for the most part everything came to a stand still for that week without power. while doing my wash over in garwood at the Laundromat called "Jumbo wash" i bumped into a medical person and family doing wash  as well who said it was almost imposable to check in on patients since even the cell phone service was spotty or non existent.
incidentally the owner of the laundromat was doing her part to help out as well by staying open 24 hrs to be of service to the community especially since area nursing homes didn't have a way to wash their sheets ether. 

the owner of the Italian resturant rudy's next to the laundromat was also very gracious in allowing the charging of phones as well as offering to fill our bags of ice. 

these and many other businesses (but not all businesses!) went the extra mile for the community's effected.

we had gone overnight from being a hi tech society down to a no electric area overnight! by the time we got to election day we were back in the 1776 era  using paper ballots and candles.
but by this time ( election day) my aunts power came back and i informed my dad that since the outside temp had gone down to 29 degrees the night before we would be moving to my aunt betty's house. dad balked but 2 hours later after gathering clothes he came along. by 9pm one of my neighbors texted me that the power was on. so after dinner dad and i headed home arriving at 1 am.

in the days that followed it has taken almost another week to get over the shock and it is still difficult doing business. between the shock and the devastation it will be awhile to get back on track.
i can't believe it is only a few days before thanksgiving and the end of november as before the storm it was only october 29th.
as thanks giving day approaches we have much to be thankful for. we will be hearing the stories of the many heros during and after the storm. acts of kindness both big and small. some people along the shore line only escaped with the clothes on their back and others were entirely unscathed. the majority though were like us somewhat in between. again we all have something to be grateful for even if it is only that we survived the storm of once in 500 years. we in NJ and the surrounding areas are resilient. we will lick our wounds and rebuild!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

the new fall nail color and nail art oct. 28, 2012

with fall here in the north east of the usa  i decided  i needed an up lift via a new toenail color. something that would bridge summer into fall. since it is sooo close to halloween i decided upon orly's orange punch. it is a cross between a summery island color and fall with halloween all in one. most oranges are to light or to red but this is exactly what i wanted accept it goes on flat or mat until one adds a clear topcoat then it shines and pops right out at you.
then i added using the nail art brushes a sort of fall wheat pattern in white. and vola there you have it as you can see in the photos.

and here...


and finally here.

i hope everyone has enjoyed my nail art gallery!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

feeling like an old worn out Dinosaur ! oct . 25th , 2012

i felt i had to share today's experiences.
the other day i thought i had broken a filling (it turned out to be a chipped tooth) on the morning my dentist was leaving in a cab for the airport! since it was a back upper tooth i felt i needed to have a dentist check it out untill my dentist returned.
it turned out that the covering dentist was a person that i had known since 1st grade. he verrry nicely agreed to see me ( as my other self ) and i was somewhat relieved when he confirmed that it was not an "open" and that it could wait till my dentist returned if i wished. whew!
but it was his newish state of the art office that effected me the most. by the time i got home  that evening.

in one second  my tired over worried mind felt like a " tired old worn out behind the times dinosaur". i wondered how did this happen?  i walked in the office feeling for the most part up to date with technology and walked out feeling like rip van winkle who had somehow missed out on quite a few years of technology!
and please don't think i am ungrateful to my classmate as he was verrry gracious.
i am sure now it had  a lot to do with my late dinner and having worried myself into an exhausted state but still non the less i still felt like i was suddenly 75 years older than my 80 something dad!
Just old ugly and worn out!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

one more visit to the pool August 31,2012

here i am for one last time this season back at the seidler ave pool in the nest town of plainfield nj.
i thought i might get here again the next day or labor day but both days we had rain.
i had the good fortune to meet a new friend and her husband who was kind enough to use my camera and take my picture. this year the town couldn't get enough guards so they had to close this pool on tue. and thur. every week! the town has 3 pools  but this is the closest one to me.
this pool has the cutest twirly sliding board and it was fun to watch the kids twirl their way down the board into the pool.
it has only been in the last couple of weeks that the temp and humidity had cooled down enough to be outside during the afternoon. ironicly the pool water was still warmer than the stand shower at the edge of the pool.

since it had been my birthday the previous week i had decided to allow myself 2 one day beach trips (as a gift to myself and went as my  other self) one a day when my aunt stops by so that she would be here to keep an eye on my dad.
at the end of the day on  thur the 23 i walked to the north end of Ocean  Grove ( the border of asbury Park). the next photo photo show as it looks today.
as a child i remember this as being a verrrry busy area. the building straight ahead had had a roller derby to the right of it which was torn down a couple of  years ago. the current building in the middle had a verrrry ornate fascia on each end in copper. as each year passed more was removed until it is now sort of like a airplane hanger look . to the left is the old power station now abandoned and boarded up. and farther left just out of the picture is one of the 3 carousel houses remaining. ll that is left is the copper sweral patterns of the windows and the beautiful lit crown of its roof design. the carousel was sold awhile back and now a small theater group uses the building. the empty boardwalk in the foreground previously had a portrait artist which every local has sat for a charcoal rendition of themselves. also a bridge went over head connection the former hotel that had been on the left (called the north end hotel) to the store's upstairs on the right.
there had also been swan paddle boats in the lake in front of the towered power station on the left.
all that remains of the hotel after it had a fire is the salt water pool which hasn't been used since the late 1970's. only a hint of  it's former glory.

i remember using the former carousel house nearest the pool which also housed a small movie theater (ohhh ahhhh it had air conditioning , LOL) a closed shooting gallery and a closed bowling ally  for our community concert band rehearsals in the late 1970's. my how things have changed with all this time  and yet even as new businesses have moved into this area yet the restaurant that overlooks the ocean has remained closed this season. it's hard to believe that this section continues to deteriorate  while the rest of ocean grove is vibrant..

anyway i cannot believe it is already labor day weekend! i hope everyone had a great day.

hugs to all

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

if it's july it's back to the pool! july 17, 2012

Diana at the pool
with the scorching heat wave we are still having in nj. i decided it's time to go back to the neighboring towns' public swimming pool.
i know these photos are from the past yet since most times i am by my self i don't always have someone  to take photos of me. and setting the timer sometimes brings on unwanted attention. but at least everyone gets to see some of the suits i am describing.
this year we had about 4-5 weeks of drizzle in june and now we have had about 2-3 weeks of 95  degrees with very high humidity. in fact the one day the air was so moist it felt like very fine mist in the steamy heat. but other days it feelt as if one needed to sort of cut their way through the air just to get from the house to the car..
now in nj we are used to hot humid days in july and aug. every so often for a day or so. but this year it has been about 10 degrees above normal for a longer period of time! also in the last 2 years we have had at least one or 2 days above 100 degrees which is verrrry strange for nj.
even though i am only about 10 miles from the bay over in linden and elizabeth and we see sea gulls from time to time. yet i am not close enough to get any of the cooling advantage from it. although i do believe in that in the winter it has helped us avoid some of the winter storms that have affected other places.

i remember from the past that as a young adult when my family stayed in ocean grove nj (which is about 50 miles from me) for long weekends that since the house we stayed at was in the first block near the ocean we would get the wind shift in the afternoon and  that would made it feel like air conditioned air. in fact it would get soooo cool at night in july that i would need to wear pants and a jacket if i walked out on the board walk. yet if i walked in land 1-1/2 blocks i felt as if i had walked into a oven and if i took just one step back i was back in the cooling breeze. in fact one day i stopped so that i could have one foot in the warm and one in the cool!

but i have digressed.
after i came out of the pool i decided to run some errends like the food store for an item or 2 , a shoe store to return the sneakers that were a bit to tight and  a local Italian restaurant to get take out.
after my one piece bathing suit dried a bit i switched suit cover ups to my new shirt-dress cover up. in gray and white stripe and recieved several complements.

then i headed home with dinner with my dad. which although i removed the wig i stayed dressed as diana in the one piece swim wuit and shirt dress cover up.

after dinner i commented to my dad about some of my other bathing suits for diana and offered to model for  him some of them. they included my gold lamy .bikini that i have only worn once to a daisy dukes party at a
locale transgendered group. a 2 piece black suit, a 2 piece floral suitDiana in the 2 piece bathing suit,

me diana on the ocean grove beach
a black one piece suit with a fine mesh at the neck line and
another black one piece with a gold stripe at the neck line. as well as the black one piece with rainbow stripes on the top i had just worn to the pool.
so tonight over dinner (dressed as my male self dave) my dad says sow who is our tenant doing?
i said huh? who are you talking about? and he says you know the gal who showed me her bathing suit collection last night. then i realized what he was joking about . LOL

my dad has been verrrry good about my being transgendered!
i have been verrrry lucky to have a loving dad as i don't know of to many dads who would put up with their only child , a son appearing at the dinner table crossed dressed. or even cross dressed with a wig and full makeup and play along as if my dave self were out for the evening!
i told him he deserved to have dinner with someone prettier than dave once in a while. LOL
he tells me what a wonderfull son i am and i jokingly comment "even if i do dress like a girl LOL"
i fully understand what my mom saw in my dad when they married!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

diana at the hardware store july 13 2012

in the last couple of days, since i am self employed i have managed to get up , eat breakfast in my night gown (actually due to the heat wave it has been in my teddy  and satin robe) and get dressed as diana.
today:  in a pink cami along with a white jeans skirt and brown strappy sandals (after mid june i dispense with the panty hose). i chose the pink cami for 2 reasons one because it is still to hot in the mid 90's here in nj to wear a T or tank top. and also i had just bought a multi set of  fish hook earings and needed something that would go with the lavender set i wanted to wear.
anyway as i stopped on my errends a tthe local lowes store i was once again amused to note that upon asking 2 guys where an item was that both of them escorted me to the item on the shelf.
and valently looked for the item that they aperently didn't stock.
i couldn't help think and wonder ... if i was in the store as my male self ... would they give me the same individual attention...LOL
ether way it's certainly fun to be the recipient of such attention!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

shoe shopping and explaining about being transgendered july 9th 2012

i have got to share someting that happened yesterday as i was shopping for new sneakers in DSW.
it was near closing as i went to pay for a pair of mens slip-on sneakers.
now remember i was dressed in fem. wearing a summery blue and white stripe tank top, a white  above the knee jeans skirt and bass sandels with a heal strap.
i had brought white socks to try on sneakers which didn't seem to phase any one. in fact a  lady  was trying to convince her teen daughter to do likewise.
at any rate when i went to pay with my credit card (  shocked that i was actually paying more than my ol' kmart price of $10.00 LOL) which has my male name on it the cashier to her credit actually asked for some ID! at which point i said in a softer voice "that actually is me as i am transgendered but not transitioning" the lady with out batting an eye said " oh ok" and almost looked a bit embarrassed!
i did show her my photo id drivers license and after i paid i noticed out of the corner i my eye as i left that she was commenting something to her fellow woman cashier.

all i can say is wow i must be more passable than i thought!

the intersting thing is that 2 times in the last month the credit card co. actually blocked  my purchases not because of lack of payment but ,again to their credit, to be sure it was me doing the purchase. in both cases it was as my male self. but while i had the special customer service person on the phone i did mention that i use the card as diana. even that rep did not "bat an eye" about my fem name.
unfortunately these days in nj one can not get a card with out a social security number like in the old days when one could get the card issued using just ones' first initial. and remember the stories in the old days of people getting offers for credit cards in their pets' name.
these days even over the phone they have asked if " my husband " could please come on the phone to ok the use of "his" card.
i guess since 9/11 we who are transgendered but not transitioning are lucky to be as accepted as we are ( at least living in this part of the world) and in many cases due to the work of the GLBT Gay lobby efforts .
hopefully we will continue to be accepted in the years to come. but it worries me since 9/11 that to "protect" the many, that our rights of being "who we are", especially if one is not transitioning, could become eroded.

awhile ago a asked at the motor vehicle agency about an additional non drivers license photo id for my fem self as some other states have  and was told " the only way i could get a fem id photo was to change the photo on the existing drivers license but  i would not be able to get 2 photo id's in nj and that if a person has a non driver photo id that means they don't have a drivers license" she also said " basicly if i were to get a non driver photo id i could only do it by surrendering a drivers license"
this kind of places those of us that are cd's in a further kind of "purgatory" in this world in that those who are transitioning have only their new name and image to need a photo proof of who they are but... as a non transitioning cd we only have our male id photo.
at any rate it does open up some new challenges for the law makers within the photo id of the cd...
aggghhh this just creates way to much thinking for this blonds' brain.
i think i'll stick with thinking about that next outfit i want to look for....
thank goodness there was a GLBT to work on the laws of anti discrimination as some of us would have only met with law makers if they came to the thrift stores and malls. LOL  

when i look at how far i have come sometimes i can't believe it. 10 years ago it took everything i had to share being transgendered with my girlfriend at the time. now i openly discuss it with almost anyone i come in contact with.

Friday, May 25, 2012

my n scale train layout may 25 2012

i thought everyone might like to see what has been side tracking me from being diana lately.

i started this n scale train layout one year ago on april 1st and basicly "finished" it this month. (one never really "finishes " a train layout. in any size!)
it may not look like much but this is about 700 plus hours to build. about 3-5 hours a day for about 5 days a week.
it's 3'7" x 2' in a custom built stage equipment case. built on pink ( is there any other color a girl would choose? LOL) siding foam. it has 2 train lines in it.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

the fancy hat party april 16th 2012

a friend of mine held a party at her store. i had been looking for a place to wear this hat since i had bought it about a year or two ago. it's in a somewhat 1940's style with a wide brim with black spangles with a black bow on the brim in the back of the hat. it also has a elastic one puts to the back of the head to help center the hat.

ironically this is almost the same skirt and blouse i wore to the last party she had at her store several years ago  ( accept for the addition of the hat).
the setting this time though with the flower vase was soooo pretty i couldn't resist a photo in front of it.
the hats were verrrry stylish. another gg came in a red hat verrry similar to my black one.

we had such a good time in a girls day out setting and after the party ended she locked the door and a few of us sat around for "girl talk"! then we sent out for pizza and chatted some more. it was sooo good to be accepted as one of the girls!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the new coat march 28th 2012

i know it seems strange to do a march entry in the blog and here it is june 2 but... the date with the photo of the coat makes more sense!
i have been looking since last year for a new knee length all weather coat. the week before this i had gone shopping as my other self with my aunt to help her pick out a down quilted all weather coat. having seen a few things i liked i need to go back to those stores as diana.
after spending several days trudging from berlington coat and macy's in so. plainfield nj (which are smaller than the flemington store i went to with my aunt) and back to bridgewater mall macys, i ended up in sears in watchung. you seen i am quite specific when i go shopping for costlier items. my requirements were thus: quilted down, knee length ( not 2" above) zipper and snaps with a removable hood.preferably under 100.00 on sale!and something i could wear with leggins to keep my thigh's warm.

this second photo is me at walmart during the hunt for the coat. although they sort of had what i wanted for 40.00 it didn't have snaps or a removable hood.

anyway back at sears i found basicly what i wanted (see the photo above) but it was $98.00 on sale ( i really wanted to get it for 50.00-60.00 on sale!) meanwhile i had also ordered 2 sizes of a similar coat from carol wright gifts catalogue. unfortunately i was between sizes of the 2 mail order coats agghhh which were 40.00 ea so i returned them. 
in keeping the sears coat i waited the 14 day price adjustment period and low and behold on day 12 i saw a up coming sale with a price club discount. in returning to the store on the sale day i found that it had gone down in price so that with the price club discount the total price came to about 43.00!
i found that the coat was dressy enough to wear with dressier clothes as well.
while i was there i drooped over some kardassian dress boots in fur trimmed swede. but that is another story. 
the first photo is taken at the local coffee shop i stopped at to pick up take out dinner. this is a great little breakfast and lunch place (rise and shine on terrall rd in scotch plains with good dinner specials as well. dinner comes with soup AND salad and usually 2 side dishes as well depending on the dinner.

hugs to all

Saturday, March 24, 2012

catching up a bit on events march 25th 2012

i know i haven't written anything for awhile.
it just seems that the more time i spend out in the world as diana ( down a bit to about 1/2 the time) the less i seem to have to spend on line doing entries into my blog. *sigh*

back about a month ago i had gone to home depo on a sunday afternoon as diana.
many times in male mode unless i find one of the workers i know, there are times i can't even find someone to wait on me let alone show me were the item is. ironically this time i asked for some help and suddenly 3 guys zoomed up to offer their help.
sorry i can't remember what i was wearing (usually out by my self with out anyone to take photos) but since it was still cool out probably ether a wool skirt and sweater and boots or boots with leggins and a tunic sweater ether way i was quite amused.
they actually almost fell over each other trying to help me. LOL

ok fast foward a few weeks to st pat's day i took my aunt and dad out to a restaurant for a late lunch as my male self. there were 2 gals and a guy at the next table  who we had chatted with a bit before our dinners arrived. one of the gals suddenly asks " your dad is so cute may i hug him?" hmmm this is a switch my dad is in his 80's a widower and it struck me as funny as i showed him to the rest room and i said to him " wow my dad is a babe magnet... maybe i have him go out with me more often" LOL

which brings me to my most recent occurrence. a week or so ago i had gone to the food store on a sat since i was in jeans and a pink v neck sweater . sat is usually my only jeans day as diana . it was early evening and down one isle i ended up in conversation with a gg about how nice it was coming to the food store early in the evening away from the more crowed times. her young daughter was at an event at their church so she was taking  advantage of  few free minuets of to shop. we discussed how as we have gotten older this seemed to be the big sat night date LOL shopping at the food store.
well yesterday as my male self with no time this week to be diana *sniff* i crossed paths with her again in almost the same isle. she said hello and said " do you remember we bumped into each other while shopping a while back? " this sort of caught me off guard. and i said yes and then i said ahhh can you tell me which self you met" my other self as diana or this self? she  nonchalantly  says "oh your other self you see it doesn't matter to me. you are who you are." mean while her 5 year old comes skipping down the isle  chatting on her mothers cell phone taking over the phone conversation when we starting chatting with me.the mother says " you see i adapter a child from another country and some  of the  parents i have meet are gay. in fact although she was pretty and had long hair and was fine boned she again nonchalantly proceeds to mention how her and her significant other are more reversed rolled-almost transgendered in their sexual affairs.
she also said i had been verrry passable but only since she was aware of such things did she pick up on something within me but she couldn't say what . she did say it wasn't till we had chatted awhile though.
this is verry ironic in that i have never and i mean never had a gg recognize me ever having met dave before .
this only has occasionally happened in reverse. usually they recognize daves' jaw line or my eyes if they only know dave but never in reverse.  i did give her both selves info since the conversation was very interesting.
i was just somewhat caught off guard with her candidness about her private fares. and just think a privileged sharing all because i have become comfortable with and ventured out in the world as diana!