Sunday, September 30, 2007

September 30, 2007

i didn't get to dress today because my other self took the 1929 Ford 2dr to a fall festival in the next town of Fanwood along with my dad and aunt. we did have a great time. my ford was the oldest car at the show of about 60 cars showing up through the 1970's. mine is stock but of course there where many street rods and even a group of police cars from n.y. it was a beautiful fall day so we had a great time.

Friday, September 28, 2007

September 28, 2007

today i finally got to wear my new woman's (reverse fly) shortened tan shorts and white woman's golf shirt and as usual my white satin and lace panties as my other self. (i told him I'd take over his body some day giggle giggle)  this and the fact that i have been making him wear his nails at 3/16" in a pale pink dbl coat with a clear coat and keeping the legs shaved all summer. also as usual i make him wear a pink or blue satin nighty or chemeese with matching satin and lace panties to sleep in . so i get to wake up as diana which feels wounderful!
this helps to start my day out right! giggle giggle.

i didn't get to switch to full Diana mode today as i planned as i ran out of time but, it felt wonderful while working today. (i am self employed and can dress casual) the interesting thing is that no one even noticed. giggle giggle

this is what i love the most about summer is that wearing tennis length shorts feels almost like wearing a short skirt. giggle and i get to show off my legs all summer.

    Wednesday, September 26, 2007

    September 26, 2007

    today i decided to treat myself again and took the afternoon off to go to the beach again at the south end of ocean grove.

    i arrived late around 6:15 and it was overcast and windy lucky i had brought the wind barrier. for those of you who don't know this is basically a 9' piece of canvas with 4 broom handles every 3' each handle is sharpened on one end to poke into the sand creating a small wall of canvas about 4 and 1/2 feet high blocking the south west winds (warm off the water at this time of year).
    after putting my feet in the water and saying hello to the couple with the kite and grandchildren that i met 2 weeks ago i sat down to eat a very late lunch or early dinner of chicken sandwich. since it gets dark early i left the beach at 7:15 to change out of my maillot bathing suit and back into my pink "T" , white jeans skirt and sandals.
    i decided to say hi as Diana to a friend from the glbt community in ocean grove. Dave had never seen me as Diana but knew of me as i had told him awhile ago. i have know him over 30 years since he first lived across from me where i summered. he is a very humble person considering he has preformed in many TV commercials over the years.
    next it was time to say hi to the gang at the Paradise club i saw at least one familiar face from 2 weeks ago.
    at 10pm it was time to find some dinner so it was back to Clancy's' at the gates of ocean grove. although this is a straight bar i was treated with respect, great service and always a great meal. (they have great burgers ) finally at 11:30pm it was time for the 1 hour ride home.

    on the way i had to stop at the parkway restroom stop and before arriving home i used my pass card to check my mailbox at the post office finally arriving home about 12:45.

    sorry i don't have any location photos due to the overcast day.

    it was a nice day accept it gets dark earlier and the overcast sky with the wind .

    Sunday, September 16, 2007

    September 16, 2007

    today as Diana went so so.  first i arrived at the dignity meeting/Church service late and arrived as everyone was leaving. aghhh! next i wandered around the union township festival where i heard a group of older guy teens say "dude that's a guy" aghhh. (i really didn't care since i don't know anyone in that town . it was just on my way home from the meeting. also i might add it was uncomfortably cool about 10-15 degrees below normal in the 60's for Sept. in new jersey! i was dressed in my knee length white jeans skirt and coral "T" shirt with strappy sandals and peds. i should have dressed warmer. even my windbreaker barely helped.
    next i stopped at the ruby tuesday restaurant in union and found they were short of servers (the service last time was poor) sooo... i moved on to the Ruby's in north plainfield where i had a wounder young lady as a waitress who was cheerful and attentive! of course i tipped her 5.00 more than the usual tip. the crab cakes at ruby's are large and filled with chunk crab meat. almost no filler and not heavily fried they might be broiled. so the day was looking up!  next to k mart and tried on a skirt i had seen and some woman's slax. finally onto walmart where i bought 1 strapless undergarment and chatted with one of the workers who knows me as Diana and then went home.
    Some thoughts crossed my mind the other day that i find it hard to believe that it has been a year since i was planning my parents 50th wedding party for sept. 9th the day after their anniversery as it was a sat which better for those comming to the house/garden surprise party (my dad thought only one of his sisters was comming he he actually there was about 20 friends as well that showed up.) also it's hard to believe that in 2 months it will be 1 yr. since my mom passed on (2 months after the day of the anniversery party and 3 months after her 75th birthday). i don't know where the time goes these days there doesn't seem to be a middle of the week it's just monday then friday over and over LOL.
    hopefully when everyone is at work this week the time will go as quickly as i have just discribed !

    Wednesday, September 12, 2007

    September 12, 2007

    I had a wonderful day today! i had decided to take off and go to the beach if the weather was good (after yesterday's all day rain - it was as if mother nature was crying for the 9/11 casualties)
    i went to my favorite beach ( Ocean Grove) which is in a victorian town in new jersey. (one town south of asbury park - noted due to bruce springstein.) and the coolest part is i got my nerve up to wear my bathing suit and go as diana. around 3:30 i drove there in my peach T shirt and white jeans skirt and strapy sandals changed and went to the very south end of town. since it was sept. there are less people at the beach that i might know as my other self and many people come over to the beach after school. but i got lucky there were not to many people at the beach (still quite a few as it was a beautiful day.

    i asked a lady to take my photo and it turned out she was a member of the glbt but had not brought her partner. so getting a photo worked out well. although i go out dressed as you know in public this was the first chance i had to wear my new mallot bathing suite from last year. (this fulfills another goal of mine to go to the beach wearing my mallot bathing suit). i switched to a spare wig i occasionally sleep in due to the salt air. i even got to go waist high in the water which is allways warm in sept. (actually the air remains 10 degrees warmer than in land til dec. due to the off shore currents but in the spring it is 10 degrees cooler till the ocean warms up in july and the first 2 blocks are very cool needing a jacket even in july but... if you go in 3 blocks you are in a oven like temp. hot and humid in the 80's - 90's ) this lady and i had a chat about the glbt community and we even discussed transgender issues.

    this town has many members of the Gay community living in town unfortunately a recent rabble rouser has twisted a civil ceremony out of proportion with a current law suit going on over another couples' marrage that they ended up doing elseware. sadly this rabble rouser has disrupted the peacefull lives of the rest of the GLBT population in town.

    i even helped a lady try to get her kite in the air. ( she didn't even bat an eye at me as diana and we had a nice chat.)

    as the sun set it was time to go home (since the friends house i use has been under serious renovation all summer) but
    after i changed (beach restroom at this time of year) back to my T and skirt i drove to the north end of town to check out new construction in asbury park. since a lake separates the to towns i parked and walked across the boardwalk into asbury and decided i'd check out the paradise club and see how long out of season their pool would stay open. i ended up getting a soda and chatting with the 3 others at the bar (remember it's out of season on a wed. evening) this is a gay bar.
    they too were asking questions to learn about the transgendered community. the gals even complemented me on how manicured my nails were. i ended up dancing with one of the gals and showing her a ballroom jitterbug swing step she wanted to learn. oh what fun i had. but i still needed to get dinner and walking in this area of asbury still needs caution as again there aren't to many people around at this time of year.

    so after walking back to the car i debated about going to a favorite restaurant Clancy's at the gates of O.G. but throwing caution to the wind i decided to go as diana anyway. everything went well and i had a great burger at this straight bar restaurant. (this victorian town is a "dry town " with out any liquors licenses besides new jersey only has so many licenses issued and as serious violations occur ie. fatal injuries those licenses are eliminated) of course i left a 5.00 dollar tip which should have been 2.00 for treating me with kindness and good service.

    on the way home i needed to stop for milk. did i go to the Clark shop right store ? no way not after the treatment there the last time so i went beyond my house a few blocks to the stop and shop store in watchung n.j. where they are glad to get my money! since it was after midnight and it's just dad and me and he had gone to bed at 11:00 i could return home as diana  and stay dressed as diana as i write this in the wee hours of thur. morning.

    what a wonderful day i had!

    Monday, September 10, 2007

    September 10, 2007

    this is the view of the pump fountian on my patio that started with my dad mounting an old farm pump on an old nail keg. Several years later i modified it into a fountian which splits into the little yellow bird on the side. it is very relaxing to hear the girgle of the water while having dinner near it.

    today i went to a carshow as an observer but with the possablility of knowing so many vintage car owners i chickened out and went as my other self. afterword i changed into diana mode. my aunt need a toaster so off to walmart i went in my pink "T" shirt and white jeans skirt , peds and white strapy sandels. i even found a bargin toaster at 7.00 and went to mac donalds for a sandwich afterword.
    a truly wounderful day!

    Monday, September 3, 2007

    September 3, 2007

    yeeeha i got to go out dressed in my yellow "T" shirt white jeans skirt and strapy sandels again to day. wow 2 days in a row!  I went and ordered a spair wig and had a nice chat with the sales person who has returned part time to the wig shop. Next onto k mart for more peds and finally after buying a few things in cvs i stoped to say hi to the sales person in jewelery at walmart. It was a really wounderful weather day here in New Jersey low humidaty and in the low 70's. Ideal weather to be out shopping.

    Sunday, September 2, 2007

    September 2, 2007

    yea got to go out dressed in my pink "T" white jeans skirt and peds with strapy sandels today for a little while. went to a local cd friendly lingerie store bought one item and chatted with the owner for awhile then onto cvs to get some more cough drops for this cold and finally onto the post office to check my mailbox.

    Saturday, September 1, 2007

    September 01, 2007

    thought i'd get to dress yesterday but after errends and supper i didn't have the energy due to this summer cold i aquired last week. i did get a e mail reply from the food store curtesy dept who has forwarded it onto the franchise owner. i'll keep you informed