Sunday, September 16, 2007

September 16, 2007

today as Diana went so so.  first i arrived at the dignity meeting/Church service late and arrived as everyone was leaving. aghhh! next i wandered around the union township festival where i heard a group of older guy teens say "dude that's a guy" aghhh. (i really didn't care since i don't know anyone in that town . it was just on my way home from the meeting. also i might add it was uncomfortably cool about 10-15 degrees below normal in the 60's for Sept. in new jersey! i was dressed in my knee length white jeans skirt and coral "T" shirt with strappy sandals and peds. i should have dressed warmer. even my windbreaker barely helped.
next i stopped at the ruby tuesday restaurant in union and found they were short of servers (the service last time was poor) sooo... i moved on to the Ruby's in north plainfield where i had a wounder young lady as a waitress who was cheerful and attentive! of course i tipped her 5.00 more than the usual tip. the crab cakes at ruby's are large and filled with chunk crab meat. almost no filler and not heavily fried they might be broiled. so the day was looking up!  next to k mart and tried on a skirt i had seen and some woman's slax. finally onto walmart where i bought 1 strapless undergarment and chatted with one of the workers who knows me as Diana and then went home.
Some thoughts crossed my mind the other day that i find it hard to believe that it has been a year since i was planning my parents 50th wedding party for sept. 9th the day after their anniversery as it was a sat which better for those comming to the house/garden surprise party (my dad thought only one of his sisters was comming he he actually there was about 20 friends as well that showed up.) also it's hard to believe that in 2 months it will be 1 yr. since my mom passed on (2 months after the day of the anniversery party and 3 months after her 75th birthday). i don't know where the time goes these days there doesn't seem to be a middle of the week it's just monday then friday over and over LOL.
hopefully when everyone is at work this week the time will go as quickly as i have just discribed !

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