Friday, September 28, 2007

September 28, 2007

today i finally got to wear my new woman's (reverse fly) shortened tan shorts and white woman's golf shirt and as usual my white satin and lace panties as my other self. (i told him I'd take over his body some day giggle giggle)  this and the fact that i have been making him wear his nails at 3/16" in a pale pink dbl coat with a clear coat and keeping the legs shaved all summer. also as usual i make him wear a pink or blue satin nighty or chemeese with matching satin and lace panties to sleep in . so i get to wake up as diana which feels wounderful!
this helps to start my day out right! giggle giggle.

i didn't get to switch to full Diana mode today as i planned as i ran out of time but, it felt wonderful while working today. (i am self employed and can dress casual) the interesting thing is that no one even noticed. giggle giggle

this is what i love the most about summer is that wearing tennis length shorts feels almost like wearing a short skirt. giggle and i get to show off my legs all summer.

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