Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the new coat march 28th 2012

i know it seems strange to do a march entry in the blog and here it is june 2 but... the date with the photo of the coat makes more sense!
i have been looking since last year for a new knee length all weather coat. the week before this i had gone shopping as my other self with my aunt to help her pick out a down quilted all weather coat. having seen a few things i liked i need to go back to those stores as diana.
after spending several days trudging from berlington coat and macy's in so. plainfield nj (which are smaller than the flemington store i went to with my aunt) and back to bridgewater mall macys, i ended up in sears in watchung. you seen i am quite specific when i go shopping for costlier items. my requirements were thus: quilted down, knee length ( not 2" above) zipper and snaps with a removable hood.preferably under 100.00 on sale!and something i could wear with leggins to keep my thigh's warm.

this second photo is me at walmart during the hunt for the coat. although they sort of had what i wanted for 40.00 it didn't have snaps or a removable hood.

anyway back at sears i found basicly what i wanted (see the photo above) but it was $98.00 on sale ( i really wanted to get it for 50.00-60.00 on sale!) meanwhile i had also ordered 2 sizes of a similar coat from carol wright gifts catalogue. unfortunately i was between sizes of the 2 mail order coats agghhh which were 40.00 ea so i returned them. 
in keeping the sears coat i waited the 14 day price adjustment period and low and behold on day 12 i saw a up coming sale with a price club discount. in returning to the store on the sale day i found that it had gone down in price so that with the price club discount the total price came to about 43.00!
i found that the coat was dressy enough to wear with dressier clothes as well.
while i was there i drooped over some kardassian dress boots in fur trimmed swede. but that is another story. 
the first photo is taken at the local coffee shop i stopped at to pick up take out dinner. this is a great little breakfast and lunch place (rise and shine on terrall rd in scotch plains with good dinner specials as well. dinner comes with soup AND salad and usually 2 side dishes as well depending on the dinner.

hugs to all

Saturday, March 24, 2012

catching up a bit on events march 25th 2012

i know i haven't written anything for awhile.
it just seems that the more time i spend out in the world as diana ( down a bit to about 1/2 the time) the less i seem to have to spend on line doing entries into my blog. *sigh*

back about a month ago i had gone to home depo on a sunday afternoon as diana.
many times in male mode unless i find one of the workers i know, there are times i can't even find someone to wait on me let alone show me were the item is. ironically this time i asked for some help and suddenly 3 guys zoomed up to offer their help.
sorry i can't remember what i was wearing (usually out by my self with out anyone to take photos) but since it was still cool out probably ether a wool skirt and sweater and boots or boots with leggins and a tunic sweater ether way i was quite amused.
they actually almost fell over each other trying to help me. LOL

ok fast foward a few weeks to st pat's day i took my aunt and dad out to a restaurant for a late lunch as my male self. there were 2 gals and a guy at the next table  who we had chatted with a bit before our dinners arrived. one of the gals suddenly asks " your dad is so cute may i hug him?" hmmm this is a switch my dad is in his 80's a widower and it struck me as funny as i showed him to the rest room and i said to him " wow my dad is a babe magnet... maybe i have him go out with me more often" LOL

which brings me to my most recent occurrence. a week or so ago i had gone to the food store on a sat since i was in jeans and a pink v neck sweater . sat is usually my only jeans day as diana . it was early evening and down one isle i ended up in conversation with a gg about how nice it was coming to the food store early in the evening away from the more crowed times. her young daughter was at an event at their church so she was taking  advantage of  few free minuets of to shop. we discussed how as we have gotten older this seemed to be the big sat night date LOL shopping at the food store.
well yesterday as my male self with no time this week to be diana *sniff* i crossed paths with her again in almost the same isle. she said hello and said " do you remember we bumped into each other while shopping a while back? " this sort of caught me off guard. and i said yes and then i said ahhh can you tell me which self you met" my other self as diana or this self? she  nonchalantly  says "oh your other self you see it doesn't matter to me. you are who you are." mean while her 5 year old comes skipping down the isle  chatting on her mothers cell phone taking over the phone conversation when we starting chatting with me.the mother says " you see i adapter a child from another country and some  of the  parents i have meet are gay. in fact although she was pretty and had long hair and was fine boned she again nonchalantly proceeds to mention how her and her significant other are more reversed rolled-almost transgendered in their sexual affairs.
she also said i had been verrry passable but only since she was aware of such things did she pick up on something within me but she couldn't say what . she did say it wasn't till we had chatted awhile though.
this is verry ironic in that i have never and i mean never had a gg recognize me ever having met dave before .
this only has occasionally happened in reverse. usually they recognize daves' jaw line or my eyes if they only know dave but never in reverse.  i did give her both selves info since the conversation was very interesting.
i was just somewhat caught off guard with her candidness about her private fares. and just think a privileged sharing all because i have become comfortable with and ventured out in the world as diana!