Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 20,2010 - interesting conversation in the local jewelery st

interesting conversation in the local jewelery store
interestingly enough i have been searching for pink safire dangley hart shaped earrings. but the catch is i want them with a post connecting them to the hart not a fish hook.

soooo i stopped in a somewhat new local chain jewelery store.
i ended up chatting with the manager.

he says "may i help you mam"?

i say " yes i am looking for hart shaped safire dangley post type earrings.

unfortunately they didn't have them  but it turns out his wife and he had just moved here to open up this new branch. so now we end up in in entire conversation about the area. he was from down south

so he asks " may i ask if you are from NJ?"

and i say "not a problem. yes i was born and raised several blocks from the store"

he says " wow what a pleasant surprise to find a well spoken local that is personable and polite" LOL

i said " well i believe most of the native new jerseyians are really quite friendly , speak well, and are polite... unfortunately since we are soooo close to the big city that we get many transplants who are still on the fast pace mode which makes them appear rude LOL"

 he said "you must be a professional probably a teacher"  and all i did was  *blush* and said "yes i formally taught"
in the mean while i shared a verbal travel log about some of the nicest sites and lesser known spots to check out including my beloved ocean grove.

he said " thank you for the info and nice conversation and please feel free to stop by any time"!

although i still don't think he knew that i am a transgendered person it goes to show that if one tries to blend into the world around them.... they will be welcome just about anywhere.

the rest of the afternoon was uneventful. i went back to rubyana beauty supply to catch up with my friend the stylist to trim the new wig (same as current style) i had bought there the previous week when she was off.
 while she adjusted the fit of the wig we got caught up on the news . she makes me feel as if i am going to a regular beauty salon *giggle giggle* * blush*

finally i stopped at walmart to show off the sweater i was wearing to one of the workers who had told me it was on the clearance rack for $5.00. wooo hoooo what a bargan! unfortunately she was off. oh well it was time to find a phone booth (not many around these days in the north east LOL) to change from "superwoman" back into my mild mannered other self and head home for dinner. LOL


Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10,2010 - an interesting conversation at a dinner

an interesting conversation at a dinner
in as much as i hate to move onto another entry after the previous one ...

i had an interesting conversation with the neighboring table in a restaurant i went to  after attending the dignity church service today(of course as diana)

the woman had 2 young children with her who were amusing themselves with modern digital toys.

i turned to the woman and said " quite a difference from the toys we played with"

at first i couldn't get her attention and since i was feeling self conscious since i couldn't wear any eye makeup due to the pollen irritation, i guessed she had "read" me and and was avoiding the "transgendered person " at the adjoining table. on the other hand since she was a mature mom i thought maybe she didn't hear me. so when an opportunity came, i tried again with the same comment.

interestingly enough she heard me and replied " yes that is true although i hadn't given it much though till you mentioned it."

then we ended up discussing how we as children would always be out of doors in good weather playing kick ball and other games involving running about or exploring the back yards. or we had indoor neighborhood board games for bad weather. and how in spite of not having more than one land line phone and no cell phone invented yet our mothers always seemed or know where we were or had been via the "mom neighborhood network" LOL

then she shared with me why she had moved to that town .... get this due to the fact that that community had a large gay community just like where she had originally been in new york in the village!
well you could have knocked me over with a feather and although i had finished my meal and was getting ready to leave i sat back down closer to her and said
 " of course you might have figured it out  i am transgendered but not transitioning".
she didn't even bat an eye. and we continued to discuss the glbt and i told her about the local dignity group and some of the up coming events in come of the other local groups. we had a delightful discussion and even exchanged bus/calling cards.

so one can see how different the world may perceive us vs how we perceive ourselves.

if one is trying to blend in one probably does a lot better than one thinks.

the rest of the day was uneventful i stopped to pick up the sunday paper and then onto walgreens for stockings (out of stock grrrr,)  next the food store to get a few provisions and finally to the dinner to say hello to my neighbor the waitress ( and show her my sunday outfit *giggle giggle)


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

may 4, 2010 - nail art

nail art
just thought i'd share my nail art with everyone.

my nail art

i went to the beauty supply 2 weeks ago and bought the nail art paint and the brush set which includes a steel ball end. the brush set has 5 diff brush styles including a longer finer striping brush and a angled brush.
i also bought the brush cleaner.
well from having been involved with the restoration of cars and having found out the hard way that extra lacquer paint can't be put into a plastic specimen jar (it the lacquer base paint sort of melted the plastic jar LOL) you'd think i'd know better than to put the brush cleaner into a plastic cup. well you guessed it it melted the cup agggghh on top of my desk in my bedroom agghhhhhh
anyway so far i hae come upon the conclusion that nail polish remover is basicly the same stuff and at least i know what that stuff is.
so i went to the craft store and bought a small glass candle base (sort of looks like a shot glass) which i pour a few drops of nail polish remover in  to clean the brushes with.

so the nail art is on top of a clear base coat 2 coats of light pink and a coat of clear. next comes the nail art and finally another clear coat.

it is easy to hold the brushes in your dominant hand but a challenge in the opposing hand.

i have found the best way to use the nail art paint is to drop a few drops of the color you are using onto a small note pad and this becomes your palit.

in the photo the flower petals were done using dots of paint from the steel ball end on the butt end of one of the brushes

i used a diff color  for the center of each wildflower and finely the long brush for the green stems of the flowers.


Monday, May 3, 2010

may 3, 2010 - woops bumped into a busness neighbor...

woops bumped into a busness neighbor...
well it happened again.
i have been trying to get to the rubiana beauty supply on a monday for several weeks.

 i was told by one of the workers who usually styles my wigs, that a new person now worked on mondays only and knew all about the newer lace front wigs.

i had seen a gg wearing one of these and they really look as if hair is growing out of your head.
now the bad news they didn't have any with bangs and since i have the high forehead of a leo i needed bangs. aggghhh
ok now it gets worse i explain to the clerk that i am transgendered but  non-transitioning and she says..... well...... i wasn't going to say anything but you must recognize me
i say no
she says " i am your business neighbor who owns the beauty shop near you!" agggghhhh
now you must understand at one time there was a transitioning transgendered person that lived above her shop  who  unfortunately had a rather strange attitude.
i had tried to chat with her at one point to be kind of friendly and she acted like i hadn't said anything giving me the brush off. she has since moved out.
the comment  the beauty shop owner had said at that time was that since she (the beautician) was a christian  she felt that the transgendered tenant  would have to face god  (she obviously didn't approve of her).
but then again we think the tenent trans person was also doing  a few things out in the parking lot that shouldn't be done in public....

but the beautician said to me after i informed her i wasn't gay "that she was not here to judge she was here to sell wigs" and that we will all have to deal with god some day.

by the end of our conversation i think she had softened toward my being transgendered especially since she knew i had taken care of both my mother and aunt. and i was not just "one of those people" i was a neighbor she knew and had formed a re-pore with. even though we don't get that much time to chat.
i did remind her of the parable of Jesus and the scarlet woman in the square where no one was free of their own skeletons  hence no one accept jesus was fit to stone her hence they all left her alone and he sent her on her way.
i also reminded her that being transgendered does not make one mean nor does it make one nice as we are whom we are deep down . being transgendered is just another element of who we  are. as in literally different clothes!

well it turned out well, phew! but having known her philosophy didn't help.

ahhhh just another day in the life of Diana LOL