Friday, July 26, 2013

finally back to the pool! july 26th 2013

well the heat wave along with the constant humid drizzly weather we have had has finally broke. yeaaaa! today was 80 degrees , sunny and a light breeze so i  could finally get to the pool in the next town.

although we who were born in nj are somewhat used to humid - hot (80-90 degrees) in july and aug. we are not used to a whole month of 90- 100 degree days with constant drizzle and super sticky humidity. when the sun was out it was to hot for the pool as the water was even to warm and when the sun went in and it cooled a bit then we had drizzle and sticky humidity. finally today and thur the weather cooled down to 80 degrees with a slight breeze. we were told that the cause of this was a   Bermuda weather mass that stalled and tried to push the currents east to west instead of the usual west to east. when this happened the entire east coast from florida to cape cod ended up with the unusually hot super sticky humidity and drizzel. yuch! usually way up north in the north east it is much cooler in the summer than in nj. but not this july!
i live only about 10 miles west of the elizabeth port which means that we see sea gulls since we are closer than one might realize to salt water (sort of the bay). this means we are still effected by the off shore currents which can change as the land heats up by the afternoon.

the other reason i couldn't go to the pool if anyone read my last log entry is that last week i needed to let the swelling subside on my face due to the yellow jacket sting on my left cheek bone area which had swelled my left eye almost shut. i am happy to report after the dr put me on a somewhat high dose of prednisone that the swelling has subsided. yeaaaa! :-) i can tell you i was not very pretty last week. forget the eye make up i couldn't find my eye lid to even apply any make up!

 although this is a photo from a past year (since i was by my self today with no one to take my photo) it is the same bathing suit, hair and pool! so i looked exactly the same.
this pool now has adult swim for the last hour of each day which makes it really nice . in fact there were only a few people there besides the life guards.

afterwords i stopped at wendys (the order taker was nice enough to take my photo) for a soda 
and the A & P food store for the evening meal of salmon which i shared as diana with my dad.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

the facial bee sting july 14th 2013

sunday while mowing my lawn i got stung by a yellow jacket on the left cheek bone.
i iced it heavily used adville and took a small amount of antihistamine ( a full does puts me in a fog the next day)

well monday with my eye almost swollen shut it was off to the allergist who who ordered prednisone and when i protested he said "  without it the swelling will get worse before it gets better" agggghhh
buy now i looked like a chipmunk on the left side of the face and i know it'll take at least 3-4 days to go down *sigh* still i know it could have been soooo much worse and i consider myself lucky in spite of it all.

believe me it is not a pretty sight and  make up is not going to help this situation!
  there isn't enough makeup in the whole world to cover this much facial swelling!
so i guess that leaves out diana time and diana at the pool for the next week or so grrrr!

but as i said i know it could have been soooo much worse and i still consider myself lucky in spite of it all.