Monday, January 24, 2011

Jan. 24, 2011 - another first dad gets to see me with my diana hair

well today is another first i came home from a event run by Lady ellen  which was a ballroom dance  group lesson at arther murry in green brook nj. and since i had been out as my other self dancing earlier in the afternoon to a swing band so i was recounting the days events to my dad. some how in a comment of the transgendered ballroom lesson the topic of hair came up and my dad asked what i did for hair and i said of course a wig. he said oh do you you have a wig (my dad at one time wore a custom made hair piece) i said would you like to see it? so i showed him and modeled it for him . ( of course i was still in the outfit i wore to the dance lesson which was a gray and white tunic sweater with black leggings and my new black sketchers boots which i changed to my guy ballroom shoes for the lesson) he said wow what a difference the hair makes! so he got to seem for the first time as diana! i think i can say yeaaaaay!  it is such a relief for me to be able to discuss my diana side with my dad finally. i also re-showed him some of the photos he had seen in the past but only once before several weeks ago after lady ellens fashon show.
now maybe i haven't given my dad enough credit as my dad has always been a live and let live kind of guy. but i misinterpreted his reaction several years ago when he found out by accident about my cross dressing that he was more "don't ask don't tell"

i am only sorry my mom didn't get to see me with the hair as diana or at least a photo of me as diana but at least i  did get to tell her about my being non transitioning-transgendered and i got to hear her say "so what we love you anyway".
hugs to all