Monday, September 10, 2007

September 10, 2007

this is the view of the pump fountian on my patio that started with my dad mounting an old farm pump on an old nail keg. Several years later i modified it into a fountian which splits into the little yellow bird on the side. it is very relaxing to hear the girgle of the water while having dinner near it.

today i went to a carshow as an observer but with the possablility of knowing so many vintage car owners i chickened out and went as my other self. afterword i changed into diana mode. my aunt need a toaster so off to walmart i went in my pink "T" shirt and white jeans skirt , peds and white strapy sandels. i even found a bargin toaster at 7.00 and went to mac donalds for a sandwich afterword.
a truly wounderful day!

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