Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 12, 2010 - Back to the Pool!

Back to the Pool!
once again i decided to return to the pool in the neighboring town in fem as diana. i had done my 2 mile walk (as my other self) in the morning but, since it has still been very warm  i was ready to return to the pool  in the late afternoon.
as i promised in my last blog entry i managed to get a person at the pool to take my photo, so yes this photo was taken earlier this afternoon.

since i got there late in the day about a half hour before closing once again i drove over the the other pool at the other end of town since they are open an hour later this year till 7 pm. both pools are identical in size.

this time at both pools i did seem to get "the look" (i know what you are!) from some of the kids at the pool. but it could be due to the fact that i am blond and Caucasian which is not the majority in that town. so i kind of stand out as ether self. but what the heck the pool and surrounding parks are maintained with federal and state green acres funding so it is maintained with my federal and state tax dollars so i have just as much right to use it as anyone else so i might as well make use of it! especially since i only live a couple of blocks from the first pool. i will admit the adults i chatted with were much more accepting. so once again perhaps i am just being a bit over sensitive. ether way it rally doesn't matter to me.

when i arrived home i took advantage of still being in the one piece maillot and hopped into my own pool to skim the leaves that had sunk to the bottom. this is what i call my sack with water as one fills the top ring with air and fills it with water. as long as there is air in the top ring of the pool the water stays in .
mine is 3' high and 12' accross. hence why i go to a larger public pool to swim but, of course the real reason is that i can go as diana! which due to the hair issue defeats the purpose of actually swimming LOL!


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