Sunday, August 19, 2007

August 19, 2007

today i wore my thin floral skirt, 1/2 slip , white lace trimed T shirt peds and the white strapy sandels and went to the dignity church meeting unfortunately i got there to late and missed them sooo.... i went to staples (ladies room stop  ) and onto the good will store. since i was getting hungry i ended up at Ruby tuesday's resterant for a burger. then onto walmart and ended up buying womans shorts. wouldn't you know it they had a waist clip missing and since they were the only pair left i went the courtisy counter. the lady at the counter had been a neighbor in growing up on my street. but i had learned my lesson at the pride film fest neighborhood picnic when i bumped into someone i knew (he was gay but only knew me as my other self and we have several mutual friends but he wouldn't have recognized me if i hadn't commented on the situation)
and this time didn't make the connnection for her he heand still got 10% off. they will have to go to my wounderfull tailor anyway (who knows of both selves) to be shortened  to a tennis shorts length ( i wear this length as my other self too all sumer) to better show off my legs he he
otherwise it was a wounderfull 6 hours inspite of the drissel.

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