Thursday, August 30, 2007

August 30, 2007

yesterday i decided to take off and go to my favorite beach. I ended up going as my otherself but on the way home after dinner i dressed as diana. i just wore the white spagatti strap camasole and and white jeans skirt with peds and strapy sandels.
on the way home i stopped at the rest stop on the parkway for some snacks. i heard a comment from one of the young girls on the long checkout line to another on line but no one else seemed to notice as it was late evening.
the next stop was to the food store (one i hadn't been to of a major chain) for some juice since i am comming down with a cold. this turned out to be not a greaat experance . i had also compared lipstick to the color in my purse after choosing and finding the same brand and number i returned it to my purse which some how got misconstruded as stolen! so at the checkout after paying the manager or plainclothes security person stopped me with the accuzationn. i explained and showed him it was quite used. he looked dubious about this and couldn't understand why i need to compare the brand and color! proceeding to compare the bar codes for a $2.00 lipstick that was mine bought at another major store! at 50 i certently would not steal a $2.00 lipstick. so obviously he had tracked me accrossed the entire store from the moment i entered. anyway it ended well as there was nothing else said and i went on my way after some idel chit chat about other occurances in the world. He and the casher continued to chat and make comments in front of me about the previous forgein customer that came through the check out before me.
i have calmly written out my story and after reading it the nexd day e mailed it to the corperate headquaters! before i name the store and location to avoid in nj i will see what corprate says first! i reminded them of the new law against discrimnating against the transgendered in public stores and resterants that went into effect in june and that no other store has treated me this way also that i will not be going back to that location and will spread the word amongst our comunity. so we shall see. i'll keep you posted and later today i'll try to show you what i wore to the store (it blended in and wasn't outlandish)
otherwise it was a beautifull day seeing many old friends of the locals on the beach!

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