Friday, August 17, 2007

August 17, 2007

i promised to tell about the 2 days before my birthday. today fri. i wore my white jeans skirt and the white camisole spaghetti strap shirt with my white strapy sandals (cubby cobblers - very comfey with peds. i went to Mandys dress store and tried on a beautifull fusia camasole shirt accept their large is other stores small! next off to wallmart and tried on womans shorts and more camasole shirts. Then i went to Kohels store and tried on shorts, and mallot bathing suits as well as exchanged shorts for my other self. i ended up buying 1 womans short, and the black with small rainbow stripes mallot bathing suit. yea!

i only had to change due to a stop at the local railroad shop and the owner who stays open late (until the last customer leaves usually after midnight) only knows me as my other self.

Fianally before changing i went over to friendlies ice cream walk up window for a cone. ( i an't resist ice cream in the summer he he)  

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