Wednesday, March 14, 2007

march 14, 2007

Wow I got to go out as Diana 2 days in a row! Even modified into 3 different outfits.
First I wore a satin black body shirt with black cotton bike shorts over dark panty hose and heeled short top boots. Next I added black bike pants and a gray sweat shirt. Then finally, I removed the sweat shirt (leaving the satin body shirt) and switched to a green plaid skirt. Tonight it was Target, Kolls and Walmart.

Thought everyone might like to see my new green brocade suit. Just in time for St. Patricks' Day! Also this is the first time I am wearing eyeliner and mascara (even though i have been using eye shadow for a while I've been a bit afraid of getting mascara in my eyes )! I love the look of blue eyeliner but found that mascara doesn't do enough for me for the effort to apply and remove it accept on special occasions.

When I can't go out dressed as Diana i start getting grumpy

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