Monday, July 16, 2007

July 16, 2007

well although it is another week in which i had hoped to dress and do some shopping i recieved news at 11pm that my uncle who is 93 and had been in the hospital since feb has passed on. they didn't have children so it is up to me to step up and help my aunt. which i don't mind doing since she is my favorite aunt. she looks 30 years younger than she is - looking about 50ish! (she doesn't know of diana but i think wounders sometimes with my sometimes longer painted fingure nails)
this on top of the fact of my mother passed on last fall in nov. (after helping my dad take care of her over the last 3 years.) all of this just doesn't put me in the mood to be diana. :-(
but,... i have been enjoying reading everyone elses blogs.

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