Sunday, November 20, 2011

attending a friends store party nov. 19th 2011

on sat i attended a party at a friends jewelry store. this is a small store in a small local business district.  the town itself is only 1 mile square in size. it was a great party with about 25 gg's all looking at both her costume and estate jewelry along with the business partners' fine and precious jewelry.
i had a great time chatting up a storm with many of the gg's at the party. only one or 2 attending had prior knowledge to my being transgendered. and i don't thing the rest suspected or if they did they didn't seem to care!
it was soooo great to be able to chat with all those gg's and blend right it. i had a great time.
hugs diana

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  1. How affirming and surprisingly comfortable it is to be able to be ourselves and to be accepted for who we are! Any trepidations or self-consciousness which we may harbor when venturing out soon melts away as we integrate as who we are and accepted as the same. At this point, I know that I often forget that I am dressed in female form... it all just becomes "me"... and the realization comes then... when reverting back to play the "guy" role... just which one really was the "act" played for so many years....