Thursday, February 28, 2008

February 28, 2008

today i got to get dressed again at my aunts house (that i am cleaning out). this is such a treat during the cold weather here in NJ. then i got lucky and got home late enough that i could enter dressed too. yea!
the snow tried to spoil my fun but i went anyway since there was only a small amount sticking.
i got to wear a new sweater i've had for awhile. white with a sprig of flowers on it
i went to k mart for a new box of pantyhose-hose. then onto walmart to try on a set of boots which didn't fit quite right . so next to stop and shop for a few supplies and finally onto check out my postal box. (in our town one can get a swipe card to get into the local postal lobby 24hrs per day to check ones'
the interesting thing is that although i only log the days i get to wear a skirt and Diana hair... but most other days i wear a bra, satin spaghetti strap camisole, panties and pantyhose even under my male garb. or even under my male looking female garp. so now the few times i decide not to where female under ware it doesn't feel right unless i have a bra, satin camisole, panties and pantyhose on. hmmmm

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