Friday, July 15, 2016

Movie night and Dairy Queen Friday July 15th, 2016

me at the Plainfield NJ Dairy Queen on So. Ave. Plfd. after attending the Scotch Plains NJ movie night on the village green this evening (Friday night). I  had to go to the movie as it was "Cars" :-) i even got to wear my new coral colored shawl like cami cover up. what more could i have asked for even brought my dinner and ate under the stars during the movie!
still it was a new step for me because the mayor runs the movies and although his wife knows that i am a transgender cd and saw me 2 weeks before at a previous event i hadn't stayed long. but he doesn't know of diana . this time i arrived verry early as he was setting up and set my lawn chair right in the middle of the green he does know my male self  Dave verrry well since i am the historical society  president in town and on a town committee for a project he has us doing. the historic building is next to town hall and owned by the township in which we docent the tours and maintain the artifacts.

sorry about the infrequent posting as many times i post these days on facebook. but since i often go to places by my self i don't usually have anyone to take  a photo of me. and if i am out and about as diana then i don't usually have the energy to post  stuff to the computer * sigh*

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