Sunday, October 14, 2007

october 14,2007

yeaaa ahhh i finally got to get chance to dress as Diana again. 

i had ordered some spare wigs at the beauty supply in case my style gets discontinued. the wig stylist Sandra is back working there but only every other Sunday so i had her style both today. it's interesting of the 2 that i ordered the first fit great immediately but the 2nd needed trimming and styling and really didn't want to cooperate. they both came from the same factory and and are the same model but reacted soooo differently.

i had worn my pink "T" shirt and white jeans skirt and white sandals since it has still been warm here until the last couple days so since it chilled down today i needed panty hose as well.

at the beginning of the summer i didn't think i could get used to dressing with out pantyhose but since i have used peds all summer while keeping my legs shaved now i hated to go back to them. but they did feel wooonderful after i put them on giggle giggle!

from there it was off to stop and shop for a few things. for a sunday there were a lot of people in the store and i noticed out of the corner of my eye that 2 different gg's did a double take. i think since i was dressed in more summer attire on a cooler day. anyway fall dressing in either mode is always hard to get used to in NJ. finally the last stop was in walmart which didn't have anything i needed in stock. of course i checked out the shoes on sale clothing racks while there.

the 3 hours dressed as Diana wasn't long enough. but of course it never is! giggle giggle!

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