Tuesday, October 9, 2007

october 9,2007

since i was away with my dad attending his 65th hs reunion in pa i don't have any Diana news as i went as my other self (even cut my nails, removed the polish, slept in pj's and wore for the most-part male clothes out of respect for my dad and his classmates). one thing i realized is how few male undies i posses these days.  i ended up using my fem undershirts which look male. I couldn't quickly regrow leg hair but, no one noticed. it was 10 degrees warmer in pa than in NJ, unusual for Oct.
i got to meet a 99 yr old great aunt who can see and hear well but is getting her 1 cataract fixed this month.
so my dad and i had a great time.

on another note i want to share a great 360 website maintained by my friend Cerise. she keeps us up to date on the latest Glbt especially trans legislative news as well as other medically related glt info. i highly recommend checking out her blog entries as she has just upgraded the site.

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