Wednesday, October 17, 2007

october 17,2007

once again i'll do a 2 part entry so i can post both photos from today.

since the weather warmed back up in nj i got chance to take the afternoon off and go back to the beach in diana mode.  i got there a bit late as i stopped in a few blocks before the beach to see a gg friend (she knows diana and is very supportive of her) whom i had dated. it was good because i had a chance to communicate with her again and that made me feel good. 

again i wore my black maillot bathing suit to the beach. since the air was a bit cool and there was a breeze in the late afternoon air i once again needed the wind barrier. the water though was warm and i went in up to my ankles. there was a beautiful sunset which i am sharing with everyone in the first photo.

after i left the beach and changed out of bathing suit and back into my peach "T" shirt and white jeans skirt with peds and sandals since it was so warm and i decided to say hi to the gang at club Paradise with plans of checking out Georgies. someone at Paradise suggested checking out club cruisers around the corner. i found this to be not my kind of place sooo.... onto club Georgies. this turned out to be a good choice! although it's smaller than the photos' i have seen of it it's brighter and nicer than the photos showed. it's really a very nice friendly "GLBT version of cheers" type of place. a very friendly crowd as i ended up talking with a straight gg and her friend at the bar as well as others from the glbt community.
i am cautious in asbury after hours since i have spent over 30 summers in the neighboring ocean grove. but Georgies has parking along the rr tracks which is visible from their security cameras. for all the summers spent there i never knew this place existed accept from the jerseygirls web site.

since i had a 1 hour ride home i left at 10:30pm and went over to Clancy's' for a burger and a baked potato finally heading for home at 12:15 there was very little traffic and i got home by 1:15 so i could go in the door as Diana .

here i am in diana mode at Georgies 5th Ave near the rr tracks in asbury park NJ. again it's really a nice place.

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